3 Reasons to Choose HelloWorks for Workflow Content Automation

3 Key Reasons to Choose HelloWorks for Workflow Content Automation

As a collective, humans spend an incredible amount of time on tedious manual tasks.

Between filling out paperwork, filing that paperwork, and then filling out even more paperwork that has a bunch of the same questions as the last form--it can be a bit maddening. Just take a second to think about how much time is spent just shuffling stacks of paper around the office.

And companies often pay the price of these archaic systems. Slow processing, hobbled-together “portal” systems, lost paperwork, and clerical errors can add up to an astounding amount of lost productivity, revenue, and growth.

Didn’t we all agree to quit using rocks to start a fire when we can use a match?

This is exactly why workflow content automation (WCA) is such an important topic. The idea of consolidating, streamlining, and automating these processes resonates with everyone from the C-suite to the call center.

HelloWorks evolved out the HelloSign product specifically to solve the challenges of companies looking to digitally transform their document-centric processes and eliminate time-consuming paperwork.

The heart of the HelloSign platform has always been – and will always be – creating seamless experiences. It starts with our core HelloSign product, extends to teams who are using the HelloSign API to integrate out-of-the-box eSignature functionality, and continues on with HelloWorks that’s built to allow anyone with any level of technical skill to transform complex processes into simple and intuitive workflows. (PS we launched a free version of HelloWorks – try it out here!).

There's a lot to be excited about when it comes to HelloWorks. Aragon Research ranked HelloWorks as a leader in WCA amongst a crowded field of nearly 15 vendors. Many companies are already reaping the benefits – Instacart increased their contractor application completion rate to an impressive 96% after integrating HelloWorks into the onboarding process. We have a free HelloWorks plan that lets anyone – technical or not – to build and launch workflows. But that's just the beginning.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the important aspects that make HelloWorks a WCA leader.

1. Create a Seamless Customer Experience

One of the most important aspects of workflow automation is simplifying and streamlining the customer experience. It’s the idea of taking something complicated – like a mountain of rote legal paperwork – and turning it into a quick and easy process that just takes a few seconds rather than hours of time.

But, buried in there is a caveat. If your workflow isn’t embedded directly into your existing systems or process, then are you really solving the problem that you set out to fix? If I’m forced to jump from system to system, or fill out a combination of digital and physical forms that have to later be consolidated into a coherent paper trail – is that really a better system? We’d argue not. You’re just pushing the paper around – literally or digitally.

HelloWorks answers that challenge.

HelloWorks is built to be embedded directly into your existing workflows and systems. It consolidates multiple forms and fields into one seamless experience that won’t force your users to input their address 6 different times.

Image of a smartphone, with a PDF document over the screen, and a HelloWorks workflow screenshot on top

HelloWorks is built to be embedded directly into your existing workflows and systems. It consolidates multiple forms and fields into one seamless experience that won’t force your users to input their address 6 different times.

So, whether you’re onboarding new employees and sending them through a multi-step process or you’re automating new client intake and need a simple solution that ties together multiple data collection systems, you can do it seamlessly.

2. Mobile-First Process for a Mobile-First World

There’s no denying that we live in a mobile world.

As of 2017, more than 50% of all web pages are loaded on mobile devices. And that number is continuing to grow each year, with phones and tablets eating up the bulk of browsing and desktop or laptop computers becoming ancillary devices for many users.

Graph showing percentage of all web pages served to mobile phones from 2009 to 2018

But, more importantly, mobile browsing isn’t just about Candy Crush and cat memes. It’s a growing part of how work gets done. More than ever, people are performing critical operations and work functions from a mobile device.

This is what makes it so critical that HelloWorks is not just functional on all kinds of devices – but actually optimized for smaller screens.

The platform itself was built to create mobile-first workflows, which means that it’s created first and foremost to work on iPhones and smart devices. Then, the experience scales up to accommodate larger screens. Not only does this make it functional for use on the go, but it means that the user experience will be custom-tailored for that use case.

Users won’t need to pinch and zoom or scroll their way around a webpage that doesn’t scale properly to fit their device. The embedded workflow renders perfectly to maximize convenience and usability.

3. If You Need It, You Can Build It

Although there are a lot of reasons to love HelloWorks, one of the most common things we hear is how simple and intuitive it is to build workflows – even complex ones that require things like logic jumps or pre-populated fields.

Usually, this would mean tapping the tech team and wading into the product backlog.

“Sure, that can be built for you. It’ll only take a few days – but it’ll take 3 years to get around to it.”

Of course, the whole point of building workflow automation in your company is to automate, innovate, and streamline. Filing a project request, begging for tech resources, and waiting months for a solution isn’t efficient or effective. It’s like taking 3 steps back before taking one step forward.

HelloWorks is built to democratize workflows.

HelloWorks workflow example screenshot

Rather than requiring a computer science degree to figure it out, it’s built on a familiar, WYSIWYG-style editor that allows literally anyone to turn forms and fields into interactive, intelligent workflows. Even if you’re not a techie, you can play one on television. Best of all, you can help streamline any operation in your business with an intuitive and simple-to-use system for transforming your forms and paperwork into a seamless digital experience.

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