3 Ways Business Leaders are Tapping New Growth with the HelloSign API

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If it feels like APIs are a hot topic for businesses right now, you’d be right. Over 77% of business leaders have already invested in API management.

Why? Because more and more businesses are discovering how APIs can help them deliver improved customer experiences and increase productivity with reduced effort.

And it’s reflected in IT and integration professionals sentiment, too. When asked how they planned to use APIs, 59% said increased productivity, 51% said increased innovation, and 43% expected a direct increase in revenue.

The API that ticks all three of these boxes is for eSignatures. They’re helping teams work more productively, innovating traditional workflows and experiences, and directly impacting sales teams’ speed to revenue.

Don’t believe us? Here are 3 real-life HelloSign API examples that are helping businesses unlock impressive growth.

AdvicePay manages contracts 50% faster with HelloSign’s API

Managing paperwork adds unnecessary steps for users and customers alike. And that’s exactly what financial planning provider AdvicePay discovered in the early versions of its application.

Users (advisors) could only send invoices to clients and collect payment from their platform. They needed to use other software for document signatures, which meant their clients also had to use more than one system to work with an advisor. This was time-consuming and prone to data errors that delayed payment or required client refunds if contract and invoice fee data didn’t match.

To solve this, AdvicePay decided to connect invoices with contracts within its platform, which would streamline the client onboarding experience for individual financial advisors and support AdvicePay in meeting the needs of its rapidly expanding enterprise customers.

That’s when they looked to HelloSign. “When a user creates an invoice in AdvicePay, our application automatically creates a contract in HelloSign and pulls the invoice amount and other key data fields into the contract so the documents are 100% synced," says Joe Timmer, Lead Developer at AdvicePay. "We’ve met our goal of adding eSignatures in one to two clicks, and eliminated an external workflow for our users."

Now AdvicePay’s users don’t even touch contracts because everything is controlled by the HelloSign API. Users don’t have to leave AdvicePay to sign, they can manage, track, and download all of their contracts from the application. And because the invoice-contract data match aligns accounts payable with accounts receivable, there’s less room for error.

For AdvicePay, the difference is huge. "Instead of having to spend double or triple the time to create and match invoices and contracts, it’s now done automatically, which has definitely sped up the time to manage contracts for advisors by 50%,” says Joe.

Even better, its streamlined document management has helped AdvicePay realize a 30% bottom-line boost for enterprise clients.

But HelloSign’s eSignature API hasn’t just made AdvicePay users’ lives better, it’s also helped them expand their business and land bigger clients. "We’ve recently partnered with TD Ameritrade and some other big firms. Companies like this – with 100 to 1,000 advisors – do contracts for essentially everything they’re working on. eSignatures has been the tipping point allowing AdvicePay to progress on our enterprise market expansion business goals,” says Joe.

Pigeon Loans reduces borrowing from 2 weeks to 8 Minutes with the HelloSign API

Seeing a unique opportunity to solve a fragmented, confusing, and not always legally binding peer-to-peer lending process, Brian Bristol created Pigeon Loans, the world’s first global lending platform that’s dedicated to facilitating and enabling loans between trusted parties.

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest parts of loan applications is electronic signatures. Searching the market and comparing eSignature API solutions, HelloSign’s stood out to Pigeon Loans.

“When looking for an eSignature provider there are two characteristics that are essential to providing consumer confidence. We had the user experience aspect of providing a user-friendly, clean, and professional loan signing process. We also wanted the legal aspect of picking an eSignature provider who is fully vetted by our lawyers for the storage process and providing a legally binding signing process that could be held up in court. HelloSign checked off both of these boxes for us,” says Brian Bristol, CTO and Co-Founder at Pigeon Loans.

And the results were more than worthwhile, as Pigeon Loans reduced their loan process from 2 weeks to 8 minutes.

But just as impressive is how quickly they made it happen. “I’ve implemented other APIs and it usually takes about a week. HelloSign is using such forward-looking technology, along with clear and easy to understand the documentation that I was able to do it in less than 3 hours. This was a record for me,” as Brian explains.

Vivial serves over 1000 industries with help from HelloSign’s Salesforce integration

No sales team wants to deal with the inefficient manual processes of signing, scanning, and faxing documents to customers.

So, as a forward-looking technology company, Vivial knew they needed to invest in technology that would make their internal team’s workflows seamless, efficient, and straightforward.

They needed a solution that could send agreements for signing without leaving Salesforce and that created minimal disruption to its current eSignature users. After evaluating several providers, HelloSign quickly emerged as the top contender to provide Vivial and their sales reps with a smarter, faster solution.

Implementation was a breeze, “the changeover to HelloSign was seamless. Our hundreds of users didn’t even notice the transition and we’ve had minimal support requests compared to the previous application," says Shelley Glueckert, Director, Salesforce Automation at Vivial.

The results are in. Integrating HelloSign into their suite of marketing tools has helped Vivial serve over 1000 markets across the globe.

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There it is. Three examples 3 real-life HelloSign API examples that are helping businesses unlock impressive growth.

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