4 ways HelloSign’s eSignature API improves UX and productivity for SaaS

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It’s no secret: a clunky user experience (UX) is a customer repellent. But in the competitive SaaS market, the speed and ease of your UX can be the difference between a long and profitable customer relationship and a lost opportunity.

And that’s never been more true than right now, as COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation efforts by years and led organizations to adopt more SaaS products due to their ease of implementation and use.

But what’s separated those SaaS providers that have grasped these “next normal” opportunities and those that have plateaued has been the quality of their user experience. So what can a business do to improve its productivity?

For SaaS platforms, the document signing process — whether physical or digital — is still a huge thorn in the side of a smooth experience. These clunky digital tools that don’t integrate smoothly into workflows are costing teams time and revenue.

That’s where HelloSign comes in. Offering secure and legally binding eSignatures, we help SaaS businesses grow.

Here’s a look at 4 key features that are helping SaaS businesses close more deals, retain more customers and scale their team’s productivity.

1. Get more from your team using eSignature templates

One of the fastest ways to scale your business is to get more out of your team and resources.

The HelloSign eSignature API template feature does just that, boosting your team’s productivity greatly.

Rather than formatting and customizing documents like sales deals, NDAs, or employment contracts every time there’s a new request, with the HelloSign eSignature API, your team only needs to format documents once, save them as a template, then send out a fresh version via an API with the click of a button every time there’s a new request.

But beyond that, the HelloSign API bulk send feature lets you send up to 250 personalized contracts with one single API call.

And when you and your team go from individually emailing out links and PDFs to sending hundreds out in one click, the time savings are immense. Just ask Bill Babeaux, Product Manager at Instacart:

“Under the legacy system, processing paperwork took our team at least 3-5 minutes per shopper. HelloWorks saved the Instacart team 50+ hours per week”.

2. Sign faster with embedded eSignatures

In SaaS, the experience you offer influences both ends of the revenue equation. It dictates whether or not a customer will sign up for your product in the first place and it’s also the main reason a customer will stay or churn.

So the better you can make user experiences across your product, the more of a revenue bump you can expect to see.

And that’s exactly what HelloSign’s embedded signing feature does. Rather than forcing your customers and prospects to navigate multiple tabs and distracting account-making processes, an embedded signing experience means your customers can sign documents right on your website or in your application.

When you streamline your product’s customer experience, you shift the odds in favor of new sales and a lasting customer base.

3. Improve customer experience with white-labeling

What’s often overlooked when it comes to customer acquisition and retention is the role of brand. But when shoppers with an emotional connection to a brand have a lifetime value 4X higher than the average customer, it’s something more SaaS operations should be investing in.

With the HelloSign API’s white-labeling feature, the signing experience — colors, fonts, and logos — become completely customizable. That means users only see the brand you worked so hard to build and don’t even know they’re using a third-party tool.

Combine the HelloSign API’s white-labeling feature with its embedded feature and it’s possible to create a signing experience that matches your brand and happens exclusively on your website. It’s the ultimate user experience for customer acquisition, retention, and even new employee onboarding.

4. Lower development costs with fast implementation

SaaS growth is a careful balance of time and resources, so any way you can free your developers to focus more time on your product is time well spent.

That’s why eSignature APIs are such a huge advantage for resource-poor SaaS companies. With the HelloSign eSignature API, you can add a full signing experience to your product without the time-consuming development period. Instead, it’s a fast and easy API integration that takes on average 2.5 days to implement.

And it really is that easy, as Jeff Davis, CTO at Trxade puts it,

“We put two of our developers on the project, not the whole team, and we had the integration up and running within one sprint. Having integrated both the Adobe Sign and HelloSign APIs, I can tell you that it was about 10X easier to implement the HelloSign API.”

And when your developers don’t have to spend hours securing, upgrading and maintaining your eSignature tools, they can dedicate all their time to making your core offering the best it can be.

Take the HelloSign API for a spin

Need to try before you buy? HelloSign’s API is free to test and fast to implement. You can jump right in here.

Or if you want to learn more about the HelloSign API, book a demo with one of our experts and they’ll happily walk you through how eSignature APIs work and how they can improve your business.

Not ready for a demo? Read more about eSignatures and how they can help your business in our latest eBook Everything you need to know about eSignature APIs for SaaS.

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