4 ways HelloSign’s eSignature API Delivered Measurable Business Results

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There’s no doubt APIs are rapidly transforming the ways businesses interface with customers and operate internally — from automating basic tasks to delivering better customer experiences.  

But as Matt McLarty, Leader of API Strategy at MuleSoft explains, for most businesses APIs aren’t just a ‘nice to have’, they’re a technological mandate that’s critical to future success. “If businesses don’t start working with APIs, they're dead. There are very few industries that aren’t going to be part of the digital economy. Name a business that doesn't have a website. It doesn't exist. APIs are the way the web works in 2021. Today it's not a question of whether a business should get into APIs, but where’s the best place to start?“

APIs are table stakes for competing in today’s digital economy. Businesses must seek APIs that deliver provable businesses results. And integrations like the HelloSign eSignature API are bringing value and giving businesses a competitive edge.

But talk is cheap. So here are the facts, figures, and first-hand accounts from the people who use the HelloSign API to show you exactly how it’s driving real, measurable results for businesses.

DealMaker cuts a 72-hour signing process down to 30 minutes

So, DealMaker developed a digital transaction management platform that automates the circulation, management, and tracking of private placement documents and funds — accelerating the capital-raising process and providing significantly better investor experiences.

And integral to providing a frictionless experience, they needed an eSignature solution that would embed into the DealMaker platform seamlessly and deliver users a streamlined, transparent, measurable signing experience.

With eSignatures powered by HelloSign, DealMaker has transformed the capital raising process, realising 70% gains in speed and cost savings.

Compared to the traditional process, DealMaker and HelloSign have reduced a 72-hour process to just 30 minutes, providing tremendous value to all parties involved in the capital-raising process.

"HelloSign embedded beautifully into our platform and unlike other vendors, it didn’t require users to leave our platform, open new accounts or separately log in. HelloSign’s API helped us deliver on our mission of speed, efficiency and ease of use." Mat Goldstein, CRO and Co-Founder

CGIA closes sales 17% faster and saves over 700 employee hours

Carnegie General Insurance Agency (CGIA) has hands-on experience across the automobile insurance business, including claims administration, product development, and program analysis.

Working with independent insurance agencies, the insurance application process traditionally relied on a print-sign-scan-fax/email workflow to generate final policies.

“The producers’ workflow was significantly impacted by the two or three days it took to get a legally binding signature on new insured applications finalized and into our content management system (CMS),” Bob Negrey, CGIA’s VP of Information Technology, says. “We had to automate this process to deliver the highest quality customer service to insureds, producers, and carriers.”

So they integrated the HelloSign API into two CGIA applications – Carnegie EZ PASS and their uninsured motorist waiver forms. Now they can automatically send electronically-signed documents directly to their backend CMS.

“With HelloSign we’re able to close sales about 17% faster compared to the manual signature process," says Bob. “HelloSign’s seamless signing experience has allowed us to deliver evidence of insurance in real-time and we’ve seen a reduction in the time it takes to close a sale. HelloSign has become a necessity for our business as online shoppers demand a hassle-free way to buy.”

The policy-processing group spent about 20% of their day, say two to three hours, 240 days per year, indexing documents. By eliminating the manual indexing and getting the electronic signature in real-time, CGIA saves over 700 employee hours per year.

Fountain processes over 1 million applications a month

Document signing is a major part of hiring and onboarding new employees — think employment contracts, tax forms, confidentiality agreements, and so on.

And for hourly hiring platform Fountain and its largely mobile workforce, postage just wasn’t fast enough. They needed an option that was mobile, digital, and would quickly move applicants through the hiring process without confusion.

And then they found HelloSign’s completely embeddable and visually customizable API.

Embedding eSignatures directly into Fountain’s platform eliminated the need for applicants to toggle between different interfaces or open new tabs to sign documents.

And HelloSign’s custom branding solutions mean applicants now sign documents in one cohesive workflow that allows Fountain and its customers to maintain total employer brand integrity.

Post-integration, Fountain’s applicants only spend an average of 6 minutes signing documents, compared with an average of 43 minutes with other signature methods.

And it’s positively affected application completion rates. HelloSign has grown and scaled alongside Fountain’s interface, now processing more than 1 million applications per month.

Signups are the lifeblood of any SaaS platform. And the more the better. So for KinHR, a platform that orchestrates onboarding, PTO management, and employee reviews in a cohesive flow, simplifying their user experience was key.

“We’re of the opinion that someone should be able to get through an entire workflow within one experience. The moment you break experience is the moment your customer gets confused,” says Lisa DiVirgilio, Head of Marketing

And to deliver it right through to the signing experience, they turned to the HelloSign API.

HelloSign’s API – with its user-friendliness, adaptability, and white-labeling capabilities – proved perfect.

KinHR customized their HelloSign API integration to discreetly embed it in their platform. The custom branded and embedded solution gives their users the power to handle the transactional and document-heavy portions of HR online and with ease.

The HelloSign integration fundamentally changed the way people use KinHR to onboard their employees. HR managers using KinHR can now effectively remove 2-3 steps. Customers no longer have to download the paperwork, upload it, then send it to the employee to download it.

“Our customers use KinHR to save time and to build a better workplace experience. What better way to improve the hiring experience than to have someone come in with their paperwork already signed and ready, instead of sitting in a room filling out paper documents for 1.5 hours?” says Lisa. "Right after launching eSignatures we saw an incredible uptick in trial signups. It was up over 73% WoW!" We also saw over 100 documents produced within the first 48 hours.”

Test-drive the HelloSign API today

The HelloSign API only takes an average of 2.5 days to implement. Find out for yourself. Try it for free here or get in touch with us to find out more.

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