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Enterprise companies have one thing in common: The need for a centralized command center where admins can allocate permission sets and have full visibility into team members, security, and settings for the entire organization. This is especially true for highly sensitive applications like eSignature, where companies have specific security requirements and permission policies. At HelloSign, we are always finding new ways to make our product more secure and robust for our customers, which is why we are thrilled to introduce our new and improved admin console—built for enterprise.

Enterprise companies are constantly faced with organizational change and new security protocols that make managing multiple SaaS applications difficult. There are typically two ways that IT handles these complexities:

  1. One way is to have consistent IT enforcement across the whole organization. This way everyone across the organization experiences the same setup and settings.
  2. The second is to have a distributed IT system where the management of SaaS requirements is based on the regions or departmental requirements.

While enterprise companies may have different ways to manage their tech stack and solve this problem, they all have one thing in common:

The need for a centralized access point with full visibility into team members, security, and settings for the entire organization.

For eSignature, the solution to this is a command center where admins have full control and insight into the product as a whole. A place to manage users, control billing, set up security requirements, and even provide visibility into tracking who is sending out what for signature.

In talking to our enterprise customers and learning what’s most important to them, we’ve built a robust admin console equipped to create teams, manage users manually, define document restrictions, set up SSO, and much more all from one centralized place.

The new HelloSign admin console is where admins can set up and manage teams and sub-teams based on their unique requirements. Teams can be set up on a hierarchical level with an inheritance of admin permission. Depending on the enterprise, this can be set up as one level of federated teams all the way up to three. A common example is an HR organization that will create Recruiting and Training sub-teams. The HR parent team will have complete control and authority, while each sub-team will only be able to manage and see documents within their team.

While all team admins have visibility into their sub-teams documents, it’s up to the account admin to determine whether settings and branding are allowed by team, user-level, or globally. Managing these settings can be done and saved easily with just the click of a mouse. Enterprises that operate as a federation of entities with individual requirements can also leverage the admin console as a consolidated location to access security settings and reporting. This makes managing these important features effortless and straightforward.

A screenshot of the company information setting in the HelloSign admin console

Another great feature within the admin console is the ability to view activity and performance reports into what’s happening with eSignature within one’s organization. This means full visibility into who is sending signatures out, when they are being sent, and to whom. More data allows admins to make smarter decisions that speed up document turnaround times and increase document completion rates.

A screenshot of the reporting feature in the HelloSign admin console

These new admin capabilities are precisely what enterprise companies need to scale happily, efficiently, and delightfully with electronic signatures. Not to mention that the HelloSign Enterprise Plus customers already using the new admin console are loving it.

We won’t stop there! We’ll continue to expand the controls and options for admins to set up integrations for their organization to make our product awesome for our customers.

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