Digital Strength: A FREE Educational Program on Digital Transformation

Digital Strength: A FREE Educational Program on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is by no means a new topic. For nearly a decade, the “buzzword” has been synonymous with big businesses wanting to make big digital changes. And yet even with all the talk of digital transformation, few companies actually succeed in making digital progress. 

According to Forbes, 84% of companies are straight up failing in their digital transformation. What’s more, businesses that have yet to begin are ill-prepared for the journey ahead. Oracle/Forbes Insights shares that 48% of surveyed executives believe their organization is only somewhat or not at all prepared to successfully execute a business transformation today.

The question is... why?

Why do businesses struggle to deliver on digital transformation projects? Why do these projects often stall (if they even get off the ground)? With so many digital options, why are companies still mired with inefficient analog systems?

Most curiously, why has digital transformation – a real and reachable achievement – become a holy grail?

The answer is simple, though perhaps not the silver bullet companies might hope for. Digital transformation is more than a corporate project; it’s a fundamental shift in the way we think and operate as a working society. Ad-hoc transformation projects may be a good start, but strategy and design thinking are paramount to reaching true digital nirvana. Those who understand this deeply – and can effectively educate others – will be the ones poised for success.

To help you develop your inside-out and outside-in approach to digital transformation, we’ve created a program to guide you along your path to success.

It’s called Digital Strength.

What is Digital Strength?

Digital Strength is a 12-course educational program that provides motivated changemakers with the knowledge and resources needed to push change initiatives forward. Each course consists of one on-demand video and one in-depth white paper on relevant digital transformation topics. Each piece of content will teach enrollees how catalyze digital transformation within their organizations, and ultimately expedite the path to digital.

The program was carefully crafted in partnership with Entrepreneur and transformation specialist Ben Kepes. Throughout his career, Ben has been involved in applying creative thinking to business of all types. The Digital Strength program is the culmination of that process and sees Ben share his lifetime of experience and apply it to organizational digital transformation.

Who Will Benefit Most From Digital Strength?

If you’re motivated to change, confident that your business can benefit from technological advances, and ready to become a leader in your space then this course is for you.

How Much Does Digital Strength Cost?

The Digital Strength program is free. It simply requires an email address where we can send new courses as they’re released.

What’s the Catch?

No catch – just a request that you recognize transformation initiatives take work.

As with any strength training program, Digital Strength requires dedication and thoughtful repetition in order to see results. The program will give you the tools and resources to become digitally fit; your job is to take this information into your organization and be the changemaker.

How to Enroll in Digital Strength

Visit the Digital Strength homepage to enroll. Once there, you can also view all previously released courses and yet-to-be-released topics.

Welcome to the future!

Let's get digital, digital

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