HelloFax Launches HelloSign

You know HelloFax as the company that makes it easy to send and receive faxes online.

As the next step in our quest for the paperless office, we’re launching HelloSign. HelloSign delivers an unlimited and free sign and send service to consumers and corporations everywhere.

Other signature services offer limited free signatures, but with HelloSign, signing documents is free – and unlimited – aligned with HelloSign’s philosophy that people own their own signatures, and should be able to electronically sign documents for free.

We have been promised the paperless office for more than 30 years, but the signature industry has stagnated with expensive and bloated options priced for the large enterprise. HelloSign changes that with its easy-to-use solution that works equally well for both consumers and businesses and breaks the costly and time-wasting cycle of signing documents – print, sign, scan – with its free, unlimited and secure signatures on the web or with an iPhone and iPad app.

HelloSign’s features and tools are perfect for individual and businesses. The tools range from creating teams of workers, the ability to create and standardize forms for easier signing, plus read receipts and audit trails to ensure that you always know when documents have been signed, with the ability to track the full process. In business or personal life, knowing if and when documents and contracts have been signed is the backbone the economy.

HelloSign relieves the pain of the print, sign, scan process for documents and takes it online with a web-based service, or mobile with the iPad or iPhone app. By providing free sign and send, HelloSign launches to be the solution for the small business, the teams of any size, for anyone that needs to sign documents and contracts, immediately. 

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