How to Unlock Pandemic-Proof HR Automation with HelloSign

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The pandemic forced HR professionals to quickly adopt band-aid technologies at a frantic pace.

But now the dust has settled, there’s a silver lining to HR’s great technological upheaval: Businesses and HR teams are more open to trying out new technology than ever before.

As Enrique Rubio, Founder at Hacking HR says,

“As we go through the pandemic, we are exploring and experimenting with new ways of working. That means, among other things, technology. And from the corporate side, there's an appetite to try new tools and see how they go.”

One of these biggest tech gains comes in the form of HR process improvement, which is removing simple but time-consuming tasks from HR professionals’ plate and freeing them up to focus on more complex tasks like assessing soft skills and managing employee development.

HelloSign’s eSignature solution is one of these HR automation tools. It’s helping HR professionals deliver a better hiring experience with less document juggling by automating repetitive parts of the onboarding workflow.

Sound good? Check out the impressive results these three firms are seeing by automating HR processes with HelloSign.

1. KinHR cuts time-consuming steps from the employee onboarding journey

Tired of stitching together services from a rainbow of disparate HR solutions, KinHR decided to merge hiring activities, onboarding, PTO management, and employee reviews into one cohesive software.

“We’re of the opinion that someone should be able to get through an entire workflow within one experience. The moment you break experience is the moment your customer gets confused,”

says Lisa DiVirgilio, KinHR’s Head of Marketing.

To‍ help with its vision, the KinKR team embedded HelloSign’s API into its platform. The white-labeled and embedded solution gave its users the tools to automate transactional and document-heavy portions of HR online with ease.

And the outcome has been a smoother onboarding experience for its users and their candidates.

“HR managers using KinHR can now effectively remove 2-3 steps. Customers no longer have to download the paperwork, upload it, then send to the employee to download it, etc,”

explains Lisa.

2. Fountain reduces hiring paperwork completion to 6 minutes

Fountain’s integrated applicant tracking system is designed to streamline high-volume recruiting. And a big part of that hiring experience involves document signing and onboarding new employees. That means piles of documents from employment contracts to tax forms to confidentiality agreements.

By implementing eSignatures, Fountain has streamlined its hiring processes, reducing unnecessary hiring friction, adding mobile signing, and eliminating the need for applicants to toggle between two different interfaces or open new browsers to find and sign documents.

As Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain says,

“At Fountain, we strive to provide a seamless branded experience across corporate sites and customized job directories. Automated document signing supports this, allowing candidates to apply for jobs on the go and move swiftly to be hired.”

Now Fountain is moving candidates through the hiring process at a whole new pace. Applicants now only spend an average of 6 minutes signing documents, compared to an average of 43 minutes with other signature methods.

3. Greenhouse processes over 10,000 signature requests every month

Signing and organizing stacks of confidential HR paperwork is a pain for new hires and HR professionals alike. Greenhouse recognized this pain in their customers’ HR workflows and decided to fix it by embedded eSignatures into its onboarding solution.

By implementing HelloSign, hiring teams and managers no longer had to juggle piles of documents or force candidates to logging into different eSignature systems. Instead, they had a structured and automated onboarding process that set new hires up to become productive and active employees from the moment they accepted their offer letter.

“The goal of Greenhouse Onboarding is to create an automated and seamless experience for new hires to become productive and active members of the company faster. HelloSign eSignature integration serves as an important part of this to provide our customers with a seamless and uninterrupted onboarding experience,”

says Aaron Gibralter, Director of Product Engineering.

And HelloSign has been in hot demand since its adoption, handling over 10,000 signature requests every month.

Maximize your HR team’s results

There you have it, three HR teams that are using HelloSign eSignatures to automate their processes with outstanding results. Whether it’s removing annoying steps from the hiring process, signing paperwork 37 minutes faster, or processing over 10,000 signatures a month, HelloSign’s eSignature technology can bring newfound efficiency to your HR team.  

If that’s something you’re interested in, book a demo with our eSignature experts today and find out what HelloSign can do for your HR team.

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