How We Use HelloSign at HelloSign

How We Use HelloSign at HelloSign

One of the most fulfilling parts about working at HelloSign is that each and every day we get to build something that helps people accomplish great things. We're dedicated to making our users awesome and we love seeing people sign possibilities into realities. But something you may not know about the HelloSign team is that we also happen to be avid users of our own product. 

To celebrate National eSign Day – the historic day that made eSignatures legal in the US – we thought it'd be fun to share how HelloSign employees are using HelloSign out in the wild.

Rental Agreements 

"I used HelloSign to sign and return the lease for my apartment here in San Francisco about a week after I accepted the job at HelloSign (I HelloSigned for that too). I was driving from Santa Cruz to San Francisco and had to stop at a gas station to fill up. While I was waiting for the gas to pump, I opened my email and saw that I needed to sign the rental agreement immediately. Luckily, I was aware of HelloSign and was able to sign and return to the landlord before my tank of gas was filled. It couldn't have been more convenient." – Jasmine C., Marketing 

"I used HelloSign to help my parents rent out an apartment to a new tenant. The apartment is in LA, and before HelloSign they used to go all the way there to get this done, or use snail mail. It was awesome to see how pleasantly surprised they were when it was done in a matter of hours." – Rosie C., Support 

Sales Contracts 

"I used HelloSign to close a large Enterprise customer who required, on their side, to have a contract signed before getting started." – Elizabeth D., – Sales 

Onboarding Paperwork 

"Naturally, it was to sign my offer letter to join HelloSign as COO back in February! But I've also used it in a number of other interesting ways, including signing the on-boarding paperwork for my advisor role with Daybreak IT and NDAs with some pretty exciting prospects and partners. Couldn't be easier!" – Whitney B., COO 

Legal Documents 

"My lawyer sent me a doc regarding an invest opp I was working on. It was my first eSign experience and glad it was with HelloSign." – Mike P., Sales 

Vendor Contracts 

"I was signing up for a new service with a vendor and they sent me over the contract using a competitor's tool. I jokingly told them if they wanted me to sign it they at least had to send it to me through HelloSign and try out our tool. They did and I signed!" – Maranda D., VP of Support 

Fundraising Documents 

"Closing our fundraising round!" – Joseph W., CEO 

Record Deals 

"I've used HelloSign to sign record contracts with dance music labels in the UK and the Netherlands.” – Derek B., Engineering

Wedding Vendor Agreements 

"I used HelloSign to sign a contract with an amazing donut supplier in New Orleans for my upcoming wedding. I'm planning from SF, so online contracts are a saving grace!" – Claire M., Marketing 

"I used HelloSign to sign my wedding venue contract and the contract I used with the bar for my high school reunion." – Sarah G., Marketing 

Freelance Contracts 

"I use it for sending contracts when I freelance, I love the peace of mind it gives me!" – Berenice M., Design 

"I started using HelloSign for my recruiting contracts about a year and a half ago.  I remember comparing DocuSign at the time.  Their site smacked of old school, outdated, ancient "enterprise software." So I signed up for HelloSign and was ready to go in 10 seconds via Google login. It was so easy.  I quickly outgrew my 3 free contracts a month and gladly upgraded to a monthly package within the first month of use. 

I had a lot of startup clients who worked out of garages or lofts and were out of town a lot, so it was really helpful to be able to get to work on their projects before I could actually meet with them in person to get something signed.  And I would get an email when they viewed the contract.  That was so helpful.  It enabled me to call them up right in that moment and check to see if they had any questions. I credit HelloSign with getting more contracts signed and more deals closed." – Lisa L., Recruiting 

Venue Contracts 

"I facilitated an artist contract with "Just Others" function for my husband and a gallery that will host his art! So easy." – Nadia D., Sales 

Job Offers 

“When I accepted my job at HelloSign!!!" – Derek B., Engineering 

"I used HelloSign to sign my Senior Product Manager offer letter." – Mohi P., Product 

"The day that I signed my offer letter to work at HelloSign! It was glorious!" – Blaine G., Recruiting 

"My offer letter - it was my very first experience using HelloSign for real and it's so personal. I'll never forget how seamless that experience was. It was seconded by the time when my friend signed HER offer letter via HelloSign. It was a job she was really excited about and she called me right after she accepted to let me know how easy the whole experience was. She loved it and it made me so happy to hear the joy we helped bring to her, in real time! #makingourusersawesome for real!" – Gina L., HR

We're Also Busy Signing All Over the World!

Not only have we been signing all types of documents, we've been signing them from all over the world, too! 

From Bora Bora to BART, here are just a few examples:

  • "Signing my acceptance letter in Hawaii."
  • "I've signed documents while relaxing on a porch over the water in Bora Bora."
  • "Outside of the Tulum ruins on a beach in Mexico!"
  • "I signed my HelloSign offer on my laptop when I was having breakfast in the infamous 'Breakfast Club' in London, UK."
  • "I have signed a contract while laying down on the grass at Lafayette park with Grover [my dog] while enjoying the nice breeze."
  • "I used my iPhone to sign my new apartment lease while laying by a pool in Miami."
  • "I used HelloSign to fill out a form for my school while in the car." 
  • "I signed a document at the beach in San Diego in front of the waves and sunshine!"
  • "Signed my HelloSign contract while at a cafe."
  • "On my parent's couch in Boston. I remember using our Google Docs integration to sign and send an employment verification letter for someone on the team, who needed it for an apartment rental application. The process took a matter of minutes and it felt great to be able to balance my personal life - without sacrificing helping the team."
  • "I thought it was super cool to sign on my iPhone on BART - was really happy that I didn't have to wait until I got home."
  • "Underneath the SF Bay on BART!"

Needless to say, there are tons of ways we use HelloSign in the office. You can sign it all, too! Click here to see our plans.    

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