KinHR is Using HelloSign to Build a Better Workplace

KinHR Uses HelloSign
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It’s not everyday you run across a company with heart and smarts like KinHR. This HR platform’s makes small companies better places to work by improving their operations, transparency and quality of employee experience.

KinHR recently released their HelloSign API integration “fundamentally changing the way people use the KinHR platform to hire.”

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About KinHR

KinHR was hatched by We Are Mammoth (WAM) founders Craig Bryant, Ka Wai Cheung, and Michael Sanders. As WAM grew, the team found themselves cobbling together services from a grab bag of HR solutions.

Lisa DiVirgilio, KinHR’s Head of Marketing, shared: “It was very much a goldilocks experience. Nothing felt just right for our team at the time.”

They wanted something better. So they built it. The KinHR platform was created to bundle hiring activities and streamline HR workflows all within a simple and well-designed platform.

While the team at WAM benefited from using KinHR internally, the solution went on to serve a much wider audience.

“We build products for our clients and we build products for ourselves. Sometimes they overlap in a big way. That was the case with KinHR.”

They introduced the platform to the world in 2013. It immediately struck a chord with small and medium sized companies. It’s since become popular with companies that are just building out their HR operations, or who have an HR team of one.

“The goal of KinHR is to take the lonely and boring tasks out of HR and insert the humanness back into the department.”

One of the loneliest and most boring tasks to cut out is – of course – endless HR paperwork. That’s where HelloSign’s API entered the picture.

Knitting Together a Seamless HR Experience

The KinHR platform orchestrates onboarding, PTO management, and employee reviews in a cohesive flow. 

“We’re of the opinion that someone should be able to get through an entire workflow within one experience. The moment you break experience is the moment your customer gets confused.”

This standard for harmonious user experience is applied to every addition to the KinHR platform, including online signatures.

“We wanted an eSignature solution that could mimic our own design so our users don’t get whiplash.”

HelloSign’s API – with it’s user-friendliness, adaptability, and white labeling capabilities – proved to be the perfect solution.

“It came down to HelloSign and PandaDocs. It was no competition. HelloSign’s white-labeling was second to none. We needed a seamless signing experience and HelloSign was able to provide it.”

They customized their HelloSign API integration to nestle discreetly in the KinHR platform. The white labeled and embedded solution gives their users the power to handle the transactional and document heavy portions of HR online and with ease. It’s been a welcome and valued addition to the platform.

“HR managers using KinHR can now effectively remove 2-3 steps. Customers no longer have to download the paperwork, upload it, then send to the employee to download it, etc.”

As a cherry on top, the HelloSign integration was a snap for the KinHR engineers.

“No moments of serious frustration were voiced. There weren’t any major issues or problems, and there weren’t any huge blockers. Most of the experience went perfectly accordingly to plan!”

Way More Than eSignatures

While some companies may see the addition of eSignatures as another feature add, that certainly wasn’t the case at KinHR. eSignatures opened the door to something much greater for the platform: the possibility of powering a superior hiring experience.

“Our customers use KinHR to save time and to build a better workplace experience. 
What better way to improve the hiring experience than to have someone come in with their paperwork already signed and ready, instead of sitting in a room filling out paper documents for 1.5 hours?”

Generating excitement for the eSignature integration was easy for KinHR’s marketing team.

“The value of eSignatures is so easy to state. The HelloSign integration fundamentally changes the way people use KinHR to onboard their employees.”

It was a game-changing improvement that didn’t go unnoticed by their customers.

“Right after launching eSignatures we saw an incredible uptick in trial signups. It was up over 73% WoW. We also saw over 100 documents produced within the first 48 hours.”

What’s Next For KinHR?

KinHR continues to become a central hub for HR in an office. In fact, they’re working on continuing to grow KinHR’s vendor partnership program, allowing other tools such as applicant tracking systems, payroll and benefits to integrate into their tool, providing users with a totally seamless experience from hire to retire.

Aside from fortifying their platform, the team is also bent on fortifying their minds.

Their parent company, We Are Mammoth, recently launched a new service in the form of design sprints dubbed Re:Designs. The one-week event invites a team of people to bring a big challenge to the table on Monday, with a viable solution ready to be tested by Friday through facilitated exercises and workshops during the week.

“Re:Design offers a brain-reset for any team. You can say what you want and go right to the brink of an unusual or crazy idea, turning it into something viable and innovative in a week. It challenges assumptions and gets you on the right track.”

Learn more

Visit KinHR’s website to learn more about their platform (and to experience the HelloSign API in action!). You can also learn more about the company by viewing their video.

We invite you to join the ranks of KinHR by creating a delightful and seamless signing flow of your own. Explore the possibilities by visiting our API documentation or reaching out to

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