Announcing Our Best Signer Experience Yet

HelloSign's New Signing Experience

On any given day, tens of thousands of people receive documents to sign on HelloSign. They view those documents on all difference devices, from huge desktop monitors to pocket-sized smartphones. 

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work to improve how users can clearly and easily view and sign documents using HelloSign, no matter the screen size.

After much collaboration, testing, and refinement, the time has finally come to announce our latest update: a simpler, sleeker way to sign using any device.

You Can Now Easily Sign Documents From Any Device

The new HelloSign signer experience makes it easy and convenient to view, fill out, and sign all documents from any devices. This means greater flexibility in the way you and your signers can complete important documents.

What the New Signer Experience Includes:

  • Intuitive navigation. Fewer menu items for a simplified signing experience. We kept the actions that matter and optimized the rest.
  • Responsive pages. The new signer experience is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Easily sign or fill out documents on any device.
  • Data validation. Protect against signer errors by setting rules for your text fields. You won't have to worry about getting an accidental letter in a phone number text field.
  • Location independent signing. The signer experience is optimized so you can sign from any device, anywhere. You can legally complete a contract in the time it takes to walk to the bus stop.
  • Progress tracking in your documents. The new field counter shows total (and remaining) required fields.
  • Increased signer accuracy. All required fields must be filled before finalizing your document. This eliminates the possibility of sending partially filled documents.
  • Minimal work for the signer. Users can now move more quickly through repeat signer fields with automation features like “Insert Everywhere."
  • Faster load times. Documents load faster for a speedier signing experience.
  • Automatic storage for your docs. Users automatically receive a copy of the signed document via email.
  • Continued dedication to security and data protection. You can assign an access code (4-10 alphanumeric digits) to any document to protect the integrity of the document.


Data validation and white labeling are now available as part of the new signer experience! 

To learn more about each of these new features and to see which plans qualify, choose your adventure below:

Try the Latest Signer Experience For Yourself!

The improved signing experience is now available to all current and future HelloSign users. Try the new experience by signing up for a free HelloSign account or see the step-by-step breakdown of newest features by visiting our FAQ page

NOTE: HelloSign API users will need to opt-in to the new signer experience before their users see updates. Visit the FAQ to opt-in now!

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