Sales Experts Share Their Top Closing Secrets

Sales Experts Share Their Top Closing Secrets

With more buyer data available than ever – and amazing new tools to help us sort through it all – sales teams are becoming experts at creating well curated buying experiences for prospects. And as we get smarter about how we attract new customers, it’s no wonder that our tactics for the closing stage of a deal have evolved as well. 

We gathered the best closing tips from experts so you can learn from their hard-earned wisdom. 

Read on for the top tips below!

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1. Don’t Get Distracted by the Wrong Questions

It’s all too easy to get sidetracked answering every question a prospect throws your way. But fielding a Minecraft of questions often results in the prospect taking control of the conversation. 

Instead of answering every single inquiry, Thomas Metcalf suggests digging into the real root of the question: “When your prospect asks a question like “Does it come in red?” answer by tossing back the question: “Would you like it in red?” Her answer will give you a measure of the depth of her interest and help you adjust your presentation appropriately.”

2. Don’t Mistake Jargon for Value

Big words don’t necessarily communicate big value. No one knows this better than well-seasoned sales experts. 

Tom Szaky shares what the more powerful mode of communication tends to be: 

“Be clear and direct: When pitching do not use complicated diction. Pride yourself instead on being able to explain the concept as quickly, clearly and simply as possible. This is important because the biggest problem in sales is client confusion. Confusion does not lead to a Yes.”

3. Let the Target Customer’s Buying Habits Have Say in Our Sales Process

Though you might have your perfect pitch down to a tee, a buyer will only respond to what’s actually compelling to them. Your job as a sales professional is to appeal to their needs. 

Geoffry James shares this bit of wisdom from his article on “A sales process tells you what step you should be taking next to develop an opportunity into a sale. However, once you know how the customer buys the kind of product you’re selling, throw your sales process out the window and adapt your activities to match their buying process.” 

4. Use the Right Sales Technology to Support Your Initiatives

The new challenge for sales professionals isn’t finding sales technology, it’s understanding which sales technology to choose. Matt Heinz of Heinz Inc. puts it well: "Tech for tech’s sake doesn’t help you win deals. Tech that makes you faster, smarter, more effective, more efficient — that’s the tech you need."  

The best sales tools are the ones you’ll actually use and that benefit your sales team!

5. Make Contracts Paperless for Faster Close Times

Every deal ends with a legally binding signature. The faster you can get the signature, the faster you can close the deal. That’s why it’s so surprising that many companies still use systems that require printing, scanning, and faxing. Wouldn’t you like a contract that can be signed in minutes rather than hours or days? Online signing tools make that completely possible in the modern day. 

Matt Mickiewicz from Hired shares this tip: "Making people print out contracts, sign with ink, and then scan or fax them back to you is burdensome. Make it easy for your deals to close fast by sending contracts electronically for e-signatures by using a service like HelloSign… "  

This is especially easy when the eSignature solution integrates into a CRM like HubSpot CRM or Salesforce.

6. Prove Value First

Speed of a sale is a priority, of course, but not at the sacrifice of pressuring a client before they’ve seen what’s in it for them. Trenton Truitt – SVP of Worldwide Sales and Customer Success at Wizeline – has 20+ years of experience successfully selling solutions from Fortune 1 to SMBs. 

Here's his take on the most effective closing habit: 

"The worst thing you can do is ask for the close too early. It’s all about understanding your client’s business objectives. If you haven’t proven your value, no prospect is going to procure from you. On the other hand, if you can clearly illustrate your value - how your client makes or saves money by partnering with you and you have a mutual agreement regarding the timeline for ROI, then you’ve shown them the real value of the deal, not just the details of the product itself.

Of course, this knowledge comes from a clear process where the sales representative has built trust and is ever developing. For example, I'll always seek to understand a buyer’s business and understand the metrics they’re driving towards before I try to help a client understand how partnering with me will benefit them.”

7. Know When to Walk Away

One of the things we focus on here at HelloSign is recognizing that not every prospect is a fit. Sometimes they're actually better off choosing a different solution. We’d rather tell someone that they aren’t a fit instead of having them sign up with us and discover it down the road. 

Prospects always appreciate the candor. It helps save everyone’s time and allows us to focus on mutually beneficial partnerships. Of course, we're always there to help when we are a great fit!

8. Simply Ask for the Close

Last but not least, ask for what you want. We’ve become so embroiled with the chase that we have the tendency to forget to ask the most important question: “Are you choosing us?” It’s simple, but a powerful and essential part of the close. 

“The fastest path to any decision is a direct one. As salespeople, we have forgotten how to be direct. When you are trying to close a deal say “Bob, if you were me, would you forecast this deal to close this month or next?” Don’t be afraid to be direct!” – Trish Bertuzzi, Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group

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