Unlocking the value of electronic signature for end-users in the UK market

As businesses transition to electronic workflows, electronic signature solutions are taking on an important role. Without them, workflows get bogged down as key stakeholders await signed paper documents. And in many cases electronic signature user experience is falling short of expectations.

New research from IDG Research Services, dedicated to the mid-sized businesses in the UK market, sheds light on the widening gap between the expectations and the delivery of an electronic signature solution.

Join us for this webinar during which e-Signature experts and end-users will provide their analysis and comments on these new findings and present a series of solutions to ensure companies get the solution they expect and need.

Guest speakers:

Alberto Belle, Principal Analyst - IDG Research Services

Stan Gibson, Contributing Editor - IDG Communications

Whitney Bouck, Chief Operating Officer - HelloSign, a Dropbox Company

Daniel Halter, Group IT Manager - VolitionRx