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HelloSign + OneDrive = Productivity

Use the HelloSign + OneDrive access and sign documents stored in your OneDrive account.
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Access OneDrive Documents in HelloSign

Sign in to your HelloSign account to quickly access documents and prepare them for eSignatures in OneDrive.

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Request signatures from your OneDrive documents

Save yourself the hassle of switching screens by initiating signature request directly from your OneDrive account.

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Store signed copies in your OneDrive Account

Store copies of your completed documents in your OneDrive account for easy access.

How to sign a document in Microsoft OneDrive with HelloSign

To sync your HelloSign account with OneDrive, just click the OneDrive icon the next time you upload a document to be signed.

Once you are synced, you can click on the OneDrive icon whenever you need to pull a file for eSignature from your OneDrive account.

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Solutions that drive measurable results
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‘We’re particularly excited about our partnership with HelloSign because we both believe in the importance of a simple, yet powerful, user experience.’
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Meghan Keaney Anderson,
Product Marketing Director at HubSpot
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The amount of time Dropbox Sign and Dropbox has saved our company is incredible. We’re able to free up hundreds of hours spent on paperwork and file management, allowing us to get creative done faster.”

Matt Seigel,
President, Collier.Simon

Frequently asked questions

Questions about Dropbox Sign for Microsoft OneDrive? We have answers.

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