HelloSign + Dropbox

Sign and store any document with HelloSign in Dropbox

Easily send, securely sign and safely store your most important agreements in one seamless workflow, without leaving Dropbox.
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Keep your business moving with secure paperless signing

Save time and keep your business running with electronic signatures that can be completed quickly, securely and remotely.
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The easiest way to get legally binding eSignatures in Dropbox

Easily send signature requests and sign electronically for any document from start to finish, without leaving Dropbox.
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Automate your workflow for your most important agreements

You and your team can automatically organise, safely store and easily access signed documents, in one place.

Send, sign and store – all in Dropbox.

Simply add signers by email address to send out for signature requests.
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Screenshot of the Dropbox prepare document for signature experience
Easily prep your document by placing fields to specify the sections that need to be signed, dated and more.
Choose your Dropbox folder for your signed document to be automatically saved and safely stored.
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Screenshot of HelloSign document audit trail
Track your document in Dropbox with notifications of key activities and the events of the signed document with an appended audit trail.
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"We're excited to bring the power of HelloSign and Dropbox together to simplify and automate important business workflows"
Kevin Chung, Dropbox's Head of Product Partnerships
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Questions about HelloSign in Dropbox?
We have answers.
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Send documents for eSignature in seconds directly from Microsoft SharePoint

Contact sales
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Sign documents digitally with legally binding eSignatures

A faster, more efficient way to legally sign onboarding forms, POs, SOWs and other important agreements. Whether your team is in the office or on the road, you’ll never have to worry about the status of your contracts.

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Protect and secure your documents

Send and request unlimited eSignatures on forms and agreements without sacrificing security. Cutting-edge security measures, such as audit trails and two levels of document encryption, ensure your most important files stay protected.

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One efficient, integrated document workflow

Level up your team’s Microsoft toolkit by incorporating eSignatures directly into your SharePoint workflow. Now, you can collaborate, save and sign documents all in one place.

Sign documents efficiently and securely with HelloSign for Microsoft SharePoint

How to sign a document in Google Docs with Dropbox Sign

Add the free HelloSign add-on for Google Docs to start electronically signing inside Google Docs. From the HelloSign sidebar, you’ll be able to sign documents or send them for signature. To sign a document, draw a new signature or insert any previously saved signatures. Then email your document with a legally binding eSignature as a PDF. If someone else needs to insert a signature in your Google Doc, this extension automatically imports your document into HelloSign to add recipients and signature fields. All of the docs you send through the extension will show up in the documents view on HelloSign.com.

Sending is faster and more efficient with templates

Create a template directly in HubSpot for contracts that are regularly used and sent. Data from HubSpot is autofilled in the template so you can quickly send contracts to customers for signature.

Automate your entire sales workflow in one place

No more context switching or worrying about errors slowing you down. Build, send and save contracts directly in HubSpot.

Easy document tracking and organisation

See in HubSpot when your document is sent, viewed or signed. Completed agreements are automatically saved back to HubSpot for seamless organisation.

Security without sacrifices

Reduce eSignature friction for your clients

Let your clients sign from anywhere on any device, knowing their data is secure with Dropbox.

Plus, your signers don’t need an account to sign documents.
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One-stop shop

The efficiency of Dropbox brought to eSignatures

With one integrated workflow for organising, storing and signing documents, you and your team will never miss a beat. Features like automatic save-back and notifications ensure that you’re all on the same page.
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Customise and streamline

Smarter tools that work harder for you

Streamline every signature request by turning your most frequently used documents – such as NDAs, offer letters, SOWs and contracts – into reusable templates available in your Dropbox account.
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Fast and easy implementation

An intuitive interface and simple admin console mean implementation and onboarding are quick and painless.

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Product screen showing a user adding signers to a signature request using HelloSign within the SharePoint interface. Two signers, Kimberly and David, have been added along with their email addresses, and the user is ready to move on to the next step.

Enable team collaboration

With one shared interface, access commonly used templates and always send the most relevant documents for eSignature.

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Product screen showing the Microsoft SharePoint documents interface. A document called ‘Latest NDA Template’ is selected and an option panel is open, listing available actions to take, of which ‘Send for Signature’ is selected.

Save time and work efficiently

No more toggling back and forth between multiple interfaces. With one click, send, sign and save documents without ever leaving Microsoft SharePoint.

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Product screen showing a user adding signers to a signature request using HelloSign within the SharePoint interface. Two signers, Kimberly and David, have been added along with their email addresses, and the user is ready to move on to the next step.
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