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HelloSign Trust Centre

At HelloSign the security and privacy
of customer data is our #1 priority

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HelloSign services are designed with a secure, distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection. Have a look at our Status page to see the latest from a platform availability perspective. We work to ensure the protection of your data and empower our customers with automation tools that provide control and visibility. Our robust information security program is designed to assess risks and build a culture of security at HelloSign.

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At HelloSign, we believe Compliance is an effective way to validate a service’s trustworthiness. We comply with standards and regulations like SOC 2. On an annual basis, our independent third-party auditors test our controls and provide their reports and opinions, which we can provide to you upon request.

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At HelloSign, we believe that you own your data, and we’re committed to keeping it private. Our privacy policy clearly describes how we handle and protect your information. On an annual basis, our independent third-party auditors test our privacy related controls and provide their reports and opinions which we can then provide to you.

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The regulation (EU) No 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS Regulation) adopted on 23 July 2014 and applied on 1 July 2016 provides a legal framework for businesses, citizens and public authorities to safely access services and execute transactions digitally across all the EU member states.