Audit trails

At HelloSign the Security and Privacy of customer data is our #1 Priority

When you send a signature request, each signature on a document is imposed and affixed to the document. HelloSign adds an audit trail page to the completed document itself. The audit trail contains a globally unique identifier, or GUID, that shows which email address or mobile phone number was used to sign a document and when. These records include a hash of the PDF document, which is used to determine whether or not it has been modified or tampered with.

The non-editable audit trail ensures that every action on your documents is thoroughly tracked and time-stamped, to provide defensible proof of access, review and signature.

Here are a list of all audit-tracked events in HelloSign:

  • Document Sent
  • ​​‍Document Viewed
  • ​​‍Document Signed
  • ​​‍Decline to sign
  • ​​‍Signer name/email address updated
  • ​​‍Attachment Uploaded
  • ​​In-person Signing Activated
  • ​​‍Signer Access Code Authenticated
  • ​​Electronic record and signature disclosure accepted
  • ​​Signature Request Delegated
  • ​​Signature Request Completed
  • ​​Completed Request Continued
  • Edit expiry date
  • Edit and resend document