Dedicated & Experienced Security Team

At HelloSign the Security and Privacy of customer data is our #1 Priority

At HelloSign, we have a dedicated Security Team with a Head of Information Security who is directly responsible for the security of HelloSign products and services.

Additionally we have a formal information security program in place that leads an information and Risk Management Committee. This committee periodically meets to review security-related initiatives at the product, infrastructure and company level.

To ensure all employees are able to champion the security of customer data, we work to ensure security is embedded into our company culture from day 1. Employees undergo comprehensive background checks, sign and follow a code of conduct and acceptable use policies, as well as undergo periodic security awareness training.

To ensure that teams are prepared for the unexpected, HelloSign performs red team testing against our employee base to ensure they are prepared to act appropriately when faced with a potential security event. In general we want to ensure we can detect physical, network and system vulnerabilities by taking an attacker-like approach.