How do I create an electronic signature?

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What is HelloSign?

How do I create an electronic signature?

You can create your electronic signature in a few different ways. Each signature takes only a few clicks or swipes and will be stored in your HelloSign account for future signing. Here are your options:

  • Draw your signature using your finger or a stylus. If you have access to a touchscreen, you can use your finger to create a handwritten signature directly in your document. This is particularly helpful for when you’re signing on a mobile device or tablet!
  • Upload an image of your signature. Use your phone or camera to take a picture of your paper signature. Once it’s uploaded into your HelloSign account, it will be turned into a .png file that overlays neatly over the signature line in your document.
  • Use your cursor to draw your signature. Using your mouse or your touchpad, you can drag your cursor along the signature line to create a unique electronic signature.
  • Use your keyboard to type in your signature. This is the easiest way to create your electronic signature. Once you’ve typed in your name, you can select a font that best matches your paper signature.

Easy as that! Sign up for a free HelloSign account and receive three free electronic signatures per month. Essentials plans and above unlock unlimited documents, templates and much more!

Is an electronic signature as legal as a paper signature?

Yes! Electronic signatures are federally protected by the ESIGN Act of 2000. They’re also protected on a statewide basis by the UETA Act. Internationally, eSignatures are protected by various acts and legislations. We have customers using HelloSign in Australia, the EU and more!

Is it secure to use electronic signatures to sign documents?

Yep! It’s absolutely secure to eSign documents as long as you’re working with a verified and secure eSignature provider. HelloSign offers bank-level security to ensure that your information and documents remain protected. This includes:

  • Hosting in a state-of-the-art SAS70 Type II, SSAE 16 facility that has achieved ISO 27001 certification.
  • A connection that’s encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). That’s the same level of security at most leading banks!
  • Documents are stored and encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.

Do I have to electronically sign documents in my HelloSign account?

HelloSign integrates with several other companies to make it as easy as possible to sign in whatever app you’re using. Our integration partners include:

You may be directed to our site to complete the signature, but you can initiate signature requests directly in the integrated apps.

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